Kind of a Shitty Thing To Do

Good thing the toilet-paper company didn’t use Koranic texts, or we’d see a million Muslims go through spasms of righteous rage right now.


A Finnish toilet paper maker has removed quotes from the Bible, including the words of Jesus, that it inadvertently placed on its rolls, after protests from some Norwegian church leaders. Metsa Tissue was trying to convey messages about love but accidentally included lines from the Gospel of Matthew and First Corinthians on toilet paper sold in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The firm selected the quotes from Facebook submissions, including one from Jesus: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It only realized its mistake when it received feedback.

“People like to read small, happy messages while sitting on the toilet,” Christina von Trampe, a spokeswoman for Metsa Tissue told Reuters. “The vast majority of the feedback has been positive. Our intention was to spread love and joy, not religious messages.”

I actually really love that last line. It probably wasn’t meant as a slap, but regardless — well put, Christina.

[image via bradleycorp]