Try Some Group Sects

Readers of Moral Compass might be interested to learn, as I just did, of another blog that casts a wary eye on the unsavory side of Christianity. It’s called Group Sects, and it’s clearly written by a kindred spirit:

No church wishes to admit that the darkness has overcome them and they have transformed from a church of followers of Jesus Christ into a sect skewed by the teachings of influential yet ethically bankrupt men and women who create victims instead of helping them. But this is a reality that must confronted before people start thinking that having group sects is normal. …

[I]f you believe your church or Christian organisation is being treated harshly here, then don’t grizzle to me about it. Fix your church, and then I won’t have anything to write about.


Group Sects is, however, not a cold, cynical place:

Some of the most wonderful people I have met and observed have been Christians, and some of the worst wankers I’ve encountered have also attached the label ‘Christian’ to themselves.

That mirrors my experience to a T.

Anyway, if your Moral Compass begins to bore you, feel free to engage in a little Group Sects. Heh heh.

[image via flickr]