A Test of Faith: Challenging the Child Killers 1

I’ve been thinking about the parents who have so much religious faith that they let their sick kid die without ever calling a doctor. God will heal their offspring, they feel certain — and if not, whaddaya gonna do, it’s God’s will to call the child to heaven.

Hittman wrote about this cruel insanity the other day — here.

I have a challenge for these people. If you believe in God’s providence, then


At about 50 miles, give or take. One to two minutes ought to do it.

I do hope you’ll take me up on it — but only on a very lonely stretch of road, or on a huge empty parking lot.

Oh, and leave the kids at home.

Ready, set, rev it, go! 

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  1. Hittman Mar 10,2013 1:31 am

    How about having the pope go for a cruse in something other than a bullet-proof popemobile?

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