God Gives a Clue On TV: Obama = Devil From Hell 1

According to radio host Rick Wiles, the Almighty has been working through TV producer Mark Burnett to warn people of the anti-Christ in our midst.

TruNews host Rick Wiles on Wednesday explained that it was not a coincidence that people like radio host Glenn Beck thought that “Satan” in the History Channel’s The Bible series looked similar to the president.


Wiles admitted that he believed the network and producer Mark Burnett when they said that it was “utter nonsense” that any resemblance was deliberate.

“I don’t believe they intentionally portrayed the Lucifer character to look like Mr. Obama,” the Christian radio host noted. “I think God guided the hand of the makeup artist and blinded the eyes of everybody on the movie set while it was being recorded, and the spiritual blinders were removed Sunday night when the program was broadcast nationally on the History Channel.”

“How many clues do we need from Heaven to understand that the man in the White House is a devil from Hell?”

Good question. I have a couple of my own. Why would an all-powerful God who wishes to inform us that Obama = Lucifer allow the demon candidate to be elected — twice? Why would the Almighty, instead of dropping ambiguous clues through a second-rate cable show that only about four percent of Americans tune into, not simply appear in the sky and tell us what we need to know? Or at the very least, why wouldn’t he buy some primetime Super Bowl spots to do the same? What’s with all the vagueness?

It’s been this way for more than two thousand years. Would it have killed the Creator of the Universe to give us a book with plain language that’s not open to literally tens of thousands of often competing interpretations? Why doesn’t He just erect an indestructible 200-foot-tall stone display, or several (backups are never a bad idea, amirite?), inscribed in straightforward English  — the world’s lingua franca — with what He’d like us to do? This should be absolutely trivial for a Superbeing, no?

Why the burning gay bars bushes and the pictures of His son in blackened toast?

I’m no theologian, of course, so I’ll defer to respected scholars like Mr. Wiles.

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One comment on “God Gives a Clue On TV: Obama = Devil From Hell

  1. MH Loyacono Mar 22,2013 12:51 pm

    How crazy are these people who deny intentions and think god is guiding some hands/brains/creativity to do this kind of production? The resemblance is no coincidence. The writer/producer/director or whoever was involved is telling lies. This is embarassment. By the way the show is really bad – poor production values, odd coloring of scenes, weird portrayals of biblical characters. I watch about 15 minutes of one episode. Life is too short to watch more since it lacks any redeeming value to a viewer.

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