NY Muslim: Long Live Sharia, Behead the Gays! 2

I love how, as soon as the host suggests that his views are a little extreme, this caller plays the insulted-assclown card and claims that she is maligning his precious religion.

Not that she’s doing anything of the sort, but I actually see nothing wrong with maligning religion; especially this one, and especially this version of it. In fact, maligning and mocking radical Islam is what I’ll call a duty of decency. Join me.

By the way: A Muslim called Chris? Isn’t Chris short for Christian? No wonder he’s so confused.

2 thoughts on “NY Muslim: Long Live Sharia, Behead the Gays!

  1. Akuzed Mar 30,2013 1:02 am

    Maybe “Chris” should go move to one of those damned countries he is so in love with and leave this one.

  2. Red The Fister Mar 30,2013 1:20 am

    Fuck this worthless islam-o-Fascist! Fuck Islam! Fuck All those who spread hate and fear through their fairy-tales!

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