And They Hanged His Head From a Minaret

More Muslim infighting in Syria. Of course, it is political war as much as religious strife, but let’s get real: How can the faithful carry out such butchery if they make simultaneous claims about being moral and spiritual people? It never fails to boggle the mind.


Armed rebels beheaded a pro-government Muslim imam in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo, state media said Saturday. After beheading Sheikh Hasan Saif Addien, the armed groups hanged his head atop the minaret of al-Hasan Mosque in the strategic town of Sheikh Maksoud in northern Aleppo, the report said. … Attacks on pro-government clerics have recently become rampant in the rebels’ two-year-old revolt against President Bashar al- Assad.

On March 21, prominent Muslim scholar Mohammad Saed Ramadan al- Bouti and his grandson, along with 49 others, were killed by a suicide bomber who detonated himself inside al-Eman Mosque in al- Mazraa neighborhood of the capital Damascus. The deadly blast also left more than 80 people injured.

[image by Muharrem Akten via]