Your Easter Crucifixion, Courtesy of Saudi Arabia

Via Jonathan Turley, an example of judicial overkill:

Saudi Arabia has long shocked the world with its medieval Sharia justice system, but nothing prepared most of us for the recent execution in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Faced with Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussein, a Yemeni man accused of murder and sodomy, the Sharia court ordered him first beheaded and then crucified. [emphasis added]

This is not the first such sentence under Sharia law. A man in 2009 was ordered beheaded and then crucified for being a gang leader.

To add to the fun, the Saudis could take the headless body down from the cross, stone it, hack it to pieces, then gather everything into a bag and burn it at the stake.

After all, when it comes to pleasing Allah, why do things half-assed?

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By the way, both Saudi Arabia’s flag (left) and the country’s coat of arms (right) feature a sword, but I’m sure that’s entirely incidental to the Saudis’ peaceful faith.