Pastor In Workman’s Comp Fraud Gets Off Easy 2

In Troy, NY, a part-time child-care worker for the Troy Housing Authority, Willie Bacote, said he hurt his back on the job two years ago. Bacote began drawing worker’s comp insurance.

But the State Insurance Fund thought there might be something fishy about Bacote’s claim, and had investigators keep an eye on him.

They monitored Bacote at his other job; he is also a pastor of Missing Link AME Zion Church, and runs a flea market at the church to support its operations. There, the insurance team repeatedly observed and video-recorded Bacote lifting and schlepping objects like couches, chairs, and heavy boxes.


The state reviewed his case and ruled that the pilfering pastor has to pay back the workman’s comp money.

While lesser men would have been given additional fines (most thieves don’t claim the mantle of godly goodness), the state of New York decided to let Bacote off lightly.

It appears from the video evidence that he is making valuable efforts on behalf of his community,

the ruling noted.

2 thoughts on “Pastor In Workman’s Comp Fraud Gets Off Easy

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  2. willy biscotti Feb 11,2014 12:46 pm

    I haven’t paid back one cent of that money and I don’t ever plan too!

    I’m not going to pay back any of the $450 for these stupid baseball tickets either!

    I am a scammer at heart. Look up my criminal record. You’ll see I am a convicted felon.

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