Naked Display

A Hall of Shame for hypocritical douchenozzles like Pastor Jeffrey Dale Williams would probably require the footprint of a sports stadium. Maybe two.

A pastor in Corinth, TX, was arrested at his home Wednesday on charges of attempted sexual performance of a child.

Pastor Jeffrey Dale Williams of The Church of Corinth is accused of attempting to persuade a child under the age of 18 to remove clothing and show herself completely naked, according to Corinth police.


But surely this can’t be true! He’s a clergyman! He loves God!

Sound familiar?

Church members were shocked to hear the news of the arrest. Tina Martin attends the Church of Corinth. She’s known Williams for more than four years, and she can’t believe the allegations against him. “From what I know about Pastor Jeff Williams is that he is a God-fearing man who does everything to teach his congregation, his town and his people everything about God,” Martin said.

Corinth police believe that more victims could come forward.

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