Christ Is Coming, Screw Global Warming 4

Nothing matters when Christ comes back:

The United States has failed to take action to mitigate climate change thanks in part to the large number of religious Americans who believe the world has a set expiration date.

Research by David C. Barker of the University of Pittsburgh and David H. Bearce of the University of Colorado uncovered that belief in the biblical end-times was a motivating factor behind resistance to curbing climate change.

“[T]he fact that such an overwhelming percentage of Republican citizens profess a belief in the Second Coming (76 percent in 2006, according to our sample) suggests that governmental attempts to curb greenhouse emissions would encounter stiff resistance even if every Democrat in the country wanted to curb them,” Barker and Bearce wrote in their study, which will be published in the June issue of Political Science Quarterly.


The study, based on data from the 2007 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, uncovered that belief in the “Second Coming” of Jesus reduced the probability of strongly supporting government action on climate change by 12 percent.

For this blog, I digest reams of religious news and information every day. It seems incontrovertible to me that much of the “Second-Coming” crowd, despite the naysaying they hear on Fox News, wants global warming to be true, and doesn’t mind bringing it about — by doing nothing.

That’s because climate change provides “evidence” of Biblical prophecies. In other words, if conservative-evangelical Christians can’t have another world-wide flood or an epic plague of locusts, they’ll take major droughts and record-breaking typhoons — celestial indicators that Jesus will return.

Any day now.

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4 thoughts on “Christ Is Coming, Screw Global Warming

  1. Cliff Sees May 7,2013 2:06 am

    Literally incredible. According to the Bible that they profess to believe, NO ONE can know when the world will end. Why do they think they have exclusive knowledge?

  2. Patricia Thompson May 7,2013 4:09 am

    Christians have been brainwashed/conditioned to believe that they not only have exclusive knowledge, but they have exclusive beliefs, exclusive right to go to heaven, exclusive favour of ‘god’, exclusive ability to know what is best because god is inspiring them, exclusive right to judge others, exclusive right to be better off than others, exclusive right to privilege. This is what christian religions brainwash their cult members to believe from a very early age. The parasitic conditioning is destructive not only to themselves but to the rest of us, and should not be tolerated because of that. I don’t care what people think, say or do as long as it does not hurt anyone else, but when it does, that is where we must draw the line in the sand and call an ace and ace and a spade a spade. People who still believe that pack of lies are immature and childish because they are looking outside themselves for a ‘father’ figure to save them. It is past overdue now for this bunch to wake the hell up!!

  3. Paula May 7,2013 7:12 am

    Sad people, and you say Christians are the sheep. Did you read the artcle that supposedly said this, no because it in not linked to. Do you know the methodologies used for the supposed study. No because you didnt read the article. When will Americans become educated and not just believe everything they read on the net. I wont even begin to explain my religious convictions. I will suggest that you actually engage Christians in a true conversation about what they believe, with the same respect you desire for your beliefs, so perhaps you dont believe everything you read.

    • Neal Hicks May 7,2013 7:20 am

      the article is going to be published next month, as stated above. Hence, it cannot be linked or read yet, but the findings are circulating. Now when next month rolls around, then we can see if this is a massive anti-christian hoax or not.

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