Amy and Samy and God, a Love Story 3

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo started their restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the same reason they got married. “I prayed for him and God sent him to me,” says Amy, the co-owner of Amy’s Baking Company, of her husband. The restaurant is “what God wants me to do,” Amy believes, and where she can delight customers with what she modestly describes as her “God-given culinary talents.”

Except that, god or no god, a lot of those customers don’t actually appreciate Amy’s slop all that much. They are disappointed in the soggy pizza, the store-bought frozen ravioli that the couple tries to pass off as fresh, and the leaky, greasy hamburger patties.

Nor does the clientele love the interminable waits; the prima donna yelling matches between Amy and Samy; the spiteful tone in which the owners habitually address unhappy customers; or the fact that the tips customers give to waitstaff disappear in Amy and Samy’s pockets.

Think I’m being unfair? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Watch how things go from bad to batshit-crazy even before TV chef Gordon Ramsay arrives to try to bring some order to the chaos.

For you incorrigible rubberneckers, part 2 is here.

Not being greatly into the art of self-reflection, Samy and Amy made matters even worse after Ramsay’s show aired. They used their restaurant’s Facebook page for a torrent of insults and attempts at retaliation, again invoking god’s grand plan. For example:

Amy_s Baking Company Freaks Out Online After Epic Meltdown On Gordon Ramsay_s _Kitchen Nightmares_-1


Amy_s Baking Company Freaks Out Online After Epic Meltdown On Gordon Ramsay_s _Kitchen Nightmares_

Sweet Jesus that poor child.

More of Amy’s and Samy’s god-approved purple prose is here.

So the Creator of the Universe told Amy to go into the food service business? I’d say this is proof that either there is no god, or that he loves a sick joke as much as the next guy.

3 thoughts on “Amy and Samy and God, a Love Story

  1. YummyHalal May 16,2013 12:17 am

    Are these guys Muslims? I reckon they are…they certainly behave like it – never wrong, everyone else is against them, God is on their side and so on. Anyone know?

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  3. polyorchnid octopunch May 23,2013 8:07 pm

    Nope. They’re Christians. And Republicans.

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