About Copyright


We hold ourselves to these guidelines:

1. We do not assert any level of ownership over third-party images that we (re)publish.

2. We will not watermark anyone else’s images, although we may put our web address on or next to images that we’ve altered for reasons of parody or satire (but never to the exclusion of crediting the copyright holder of the original work, provided we know his or her identity).

3. We will not remove or crop out watermarks of legitimate creators or copyright holders.

4. High-resolution images we reuse will be sized down to no more than 760 pixels on the long side — in part to lighten the load on our servers, and in part to keep visitors from being able to make high-quality prints of the image.

5. We will never try to sell or license anyone else’s images, or to profit from them in any tangible way. Moral Compass is free of advertising and does not bring in revenues that exceed our expenses.

6. We credit image creators whenever we can, either by name or with a web link, or both. Credits and linkbacks appear at the bottom of almost all our posts.

7. If the name of the photographer, artist, or copyright holder is unknown (as with many orphan works), we credit the website where we found the image, with the name of the site and a web link.

8. The images we use are typically presented for news-disseminating and commenting purposes, and only sometimes as pure illustrations of our written content or our editorial mission. A third category consists of photos we’ve altered and/or combined for the purpose of satire, pastiche, or parody. We believe that these three types of use are covered under the Fair Use doctrine of international Copyright law, but acknowledge both the existence of gray areas and the fact that jurisprudence evolves. Under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, Fair Use means that it is permitted to re-use images

for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

9. If you believe we’ve erred in applying the guidelines you’re reading, please tell us: moralcompassblog at gmail dot com.

10. If you are the creator or copyright holder of an image that appears on this website and you want it redacted, resized, cropped, removed, or credited differently, we promise to rectify the situation promptly and as best we can. Write to us at moralcompassblog at gmail dot com.


1. Our work is copyrighted (© Moral Compass, 2014). However, anyone may link to and quote from this blog with attribution.

2. Attribution means you link back to the specific page where you found the text you’re quoting. We’d appreciate it if you’d also mention the name of the blog — Moral Compass — in your new text. If you’re feeling particularly generous, a mention of the author of our post would be great.

3. The preceding paragraph applies to web-based texts. If you’re writing for print publication or any other non-web, non-clickable medium, attribution must include the name of this blog and the name of the author. Thanks!

4. No content taken from this site may be used commercially in any medium without our prior written consent; please e-mail moralcompassblog at gmail dot com if you have the slightest doubt about whether your intended use is commercial.

5. Our own quoted materials (the indented blocks of gray text) are copyrighted by their respective authors or by those authors’ employers.

6. We do not assert any copyright claim over text we quote from other sites or other sources, whether printed or digital.

7. We link back to web pages we quote from, and when appropriate, also mention the site (and frequently the author) of the quoted text.

8. Likewise, when we quote from printed books, printed magazines, and so on, we mention publication and author — with the exception of writings that don’t list the author’s name, such as some editorials.

9. If we err in giving text credit as outlined, please tell us and we’ll correct it. Write to us at moralcompassblog at gmail dot com.