Killing Kids With Faith Healing 3

When an adult dies after refusing medical treatment because of religious beliefs, it’s a sad waste of human life, but most of us shrug it off, perhaps with a snarky comment about improving the gene pool. It’s a bad decision, a foolish decision, but it’s their decision. It’s cause for despair, perhaps, but not outrage. We should save the outrage for when it’s done to children.

But when children are the victims, the courts are usually lenient. They may not prosecute the parents, and if they do, the sentences are usually trivial. If there are other children in the home, the parents almost always retain custody, even after testifying that they’ve done nothing wrong (meaning that if their other kids require medical attention, they’ll kill them too.)

This is a video compilation of just a few cases of child neglect in the name of Christianity. Be warned, some of the images are graphic and disturbing.