How a Methodical Methodist Got Rid of His Wives 1

They’ll probably make a movie about pastor Arthur Schirmer (of Reeders United Methodist Church in Pocono Township, PA) some day. But rather than being a celebration of divinity, the flick will feature treachery, lies, adultery, and double murder.

A former pastor was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole in the fatal bludgeoning of his second wife in 2008. Arthur “A.B.” Schirmer, 64, was sentenced nearly two months after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the death of Betty Schirmer. The conviction brought an automatic life sentence.

Schirmer is charged separately with killing his first wife, Jewel Schirmer, in 1999. He awaits trial in that case.


Prosecutors said he clubbed Betty Schirmer on the head with a crowbar, then loaded her into their car and staged a low-speed accident in an effort to conceal the crime. …

Local police initially believed Betty Schirmer’s July 2008 death was the result of a car crash. State police began a more thorough investigation months later, when a man committed suicide in Schirmer’s office after learning the pastor was in a relationship with his wife, the church secretary.

Authorities ultimately concluded the fender-bender could not have caused Betty Schirmer’s extensive head and brain injuries. Police also found her blood on the garage floor, along with evidence that someone had tried to clean it up.

[image via Lebanon Daily News]

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  1. Marty Mar 20,2013 8:39 pm

    but he says he didn’t do it… I’m not sure about these ‘facts’ you’re citing. this looks like an evil atheist plot to discredit a man of god.


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