Did Cardinal O’Brien Have a Boyfriend? 1

Other than Jesus, I mean. Business Insider says ‘Yes, probably.”

Cardinal Keith O_Briend Had Boyfriend? - Business Insider

Scotland’s The Herald newspaper has more.

One comment on “Did Cardinal O’Brien Have a Boyfriend?

  1. MH Loyacono Mar 22,2013 11:54 am

    These frequent reveals of reality of cleric behaviors are so tiresome and hypocritical. A constant river of misdeeds or worse that just muddy the water. Better a homosexual cleric than one who hides behind the cassocks and such to do what they seemingly want to do. Maybe they are actual homosexuals or the really scandalous sexual preditors. Then they should be real or go to jail and excommunicated or whatever punishment is prescribed. Lies are always worse than truth and honesty.

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