New Visitor Record, and Another Sincere Thanks

Amazing. Just five days ago, we peaked at more than 6,000 page views in 24 hours, and we were thrilled.

Yesterday, we very nearly doubled that.

Or rather, you did.

Total page views on Sunday: 12,200. (I guess atheists don’t take that Day-of-the-Lord stuff too seriously for some reason.)


Oh, we also doubled our number of Facebook followers over the weekend, plus we tallied almost 1,400 website page views yesterday that were the direct result of people sharing our Facebook updates.

Moral Compass isn’t even six weeks old. We’re blown away by your enthusiasm. Again, thank you.

Honestly, I thought we’d be making this site for just a couple of hundred people — and we would have been fine with that. I’m delighted that it turns out we’re capable of drawing a five-figure audience, and we are more committed than ever to making this both an informative and entertaining place for you to visit.

If you have suggestions, hit us in the comments.