A Most Spiritual Child Rapist Faces Life in Prison

The Right Honorable Reverend Arnold Mathis loves to sanctify teenagers with his blessed cock.

The Florida pastor did it in the early nineties, when he committed “lewd and lascivious assault” on a child in Leon County.

Despite his being a registered sex offender, church authorities put Mathis on the payroll upon his release, which meant that they gave him the chance to abuse his authority to try and rape again. And did he ever.


Mathis used a cell phone between November 2004 and January 2005 to lure a victim, then 14, into having sex, according to the Justice Department. They first met at a high school basketball game. Mathis molested the boy at least three times.

Federal prosecutors say Mathis also tried to persuade two 16-year-olds to have sex with him between May and November 2011. He met one at Higher Praise Ministries Church in Lake Wales, where Mathis volunteered in the youth group. He met the other at a basketball game in Polk County. Mathis told them he was a ­pastor, offered to be their godfather, and promised them presents like money and sneakers.

A jury found him guilty on Friday. As a recidivist child predator, Mathis currently faces life in federal prison — and he still has to contend with a state court’s 19 counts of sexual battery against him, among other charges.

[image via abc.net]