Easter Joy: Beavis and Headbutt in Church Brawl

A church on Easter Sunday — what better place and time to start beating and headbutting your fellow man?

During church services on a day that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, two men in a Kendall Park (NJ) church clearly missed the message about forgiveness. According to South Brunswick Police, a physical altercation occurred towards the end of mass on Easter Sunday at St. Augustine’s of Canterbury Church.

Police said the incident involved two men, both in their 40’s, who knew each other prior to attending the church services.


Shortly before 1 p.m.,

…one of the individuals was standing in line for Communion when the other man came up behind him, according to police. A quick physical altercation then occurred, with one man headbutting the other.

One of the brawlers suffered a cut lip, the other got off with a bruise.

[image via worldsbestever]