T-Shirt Wars: Mother Mary vs. Santa Muerte 2

Blogger Elie Fares gets all up in some clothing store’s grill about a T-shirt the store sells. This one:


He’s terribly upset, because he claims that “not even with the most out-of-the-box approaches [can it] not be considered as a distortion of many Christian icons of Mary.” He says this “demonizes religious holy figures” and that it is “unacceptable,” “revolting,” and “offensive.”

Except that even your Moral Compass host knows, despite his atheism, that that’s a picture of Santa Muerte, the ever-more-popular Catholic folk saint venerated mostly in Mexico.

So can we all dial back the outrage now? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Wars: Mother Mary vs. Santa Muerte

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  2. Metta Karuna Apr 24,2013 1:38 am

    I praise Holy Death because SHE BLESSES ME & MY LOVED ONES WITH HER AMAZING SUPPORT AND HELP IN HIGHLY SENSITIVE SITUATIONS, besides, she always helps me in my divine path, she helps me overcome, learn from, and succeed in all my challenges and be a better being, one of light; to be and have a higher vibration and purer energy; through Her Kindness and Compassion I am a better being and I grow and evolve spiritually, achieving an improvement in the lives of each of the beings whose lives are affected by me, respecting all living beings on the planet. Thanks to Her, I grow and evolve spiritually. Praising your Virtues Santisima Muerte!!!!

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