A Milestone and an Apology

The great news: In the 24-hour period between 4 p.m. yesterday and today, Moral Compass had roughly 126,000 page views — a new one-day record!

The so-so news: Despite the site having moved to a new, higher-capacity server this past weekend, some visitors still experienced temporary delays last night, when traffic peaked and the server began to choke. Sorry about that. We did digital triage as best we could.

The idea is to give swift 24-7 accessibility to all comers, preferably without shelling out thousands of dollars a year for an even wider data pipeline. (Note: I’m paying for Moral Compass myself, although some server capacity and all tech support is donated by a wonderful anonymous benefactor a few states away).

Thank you for bearing with us through these early-stage growing pains. I imagine that by the summer, we’ll have a modest revenue stream going in order to offset our operational expenses. We’re considering selling small ads, placing affiliate-marketing links, and/or perhaps asking for web donations from frequent readers. That revenue should help us stay up and running.

We’re thrilled that you’re here. Please bookmark this page if you haven’t already (or add Moral Compass to your newsreader). You can also join us on Facebook to learn of new posts the moment they are published. Thanks!