Canadian Hindu Priest Hears Teens’ Boyfriend Trouble, Volunteers His Own Sexual Services 3

A Canadian judge found a Hindu priest in Abbotsford, British Columbia, guilty of three counts of sexually interfering with two girls in his congregation.

Judge Neill Brown learned that Karam Vir, 33, an Indian national, had built friendships with the two girls, aged 17, over months. Vir [photo] approached the girls at the temple while they were dealing with relationship trouble with their boyfriends. He offered counseling and advice, but not without an ulterior motive.


The first complainant alleged Vir three times forced kisses on her and forced brief sexual intercourse and/or touching on her three times before she pushed him away, crying and asking him to stop.

In the other case, Vir gave the girl a ring to “protect her.” During their friendship she repeatedly asked Vir to stop talking about wanting to get physically involved with her and resisted his advances, once when he hugged her and tried to touch her chest and again when he pushed her onto a bed after giving her the ring.

The holy horndog is due to be sentenced in August.

[image via Asian Journal]

3 thoughts on “Canadian Hindu Priest Hears Teens’ Boyfriend Trouble, Volunteers His Own Sexual Services

  1. Steven Roach May 4,2013 10:47 am

    This man should be put away castrated and put behind bars and he will be the one who is inappropriately groped raped, sodemised.

  2. Palle Skumslukker May 4,2013 11:22 am

    For logistic reasons, he should be forced to convert to catholisism.
    Thats where he belong.

  3. Terry Firma May 4,2013 12:51 pm

    There appears to be no particular religion that has a lock on sexual morality. Yes, the Catholic Church is bad, but I find proportionately just as many cases of clergy sex abuse among other faiths.

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