Pastor Was Gang Leader; Dies in Cop Shootout 3

Nigerian cops killed a popular pastor in a shootout with a criminal gang of robbers. No, the pastor wasn’t an innocent victim — he was the gang leader!

I love the quote from the witness on the motorycle.

Pastor John and his gang had raided some buildings in the residential quarters of lecturers of the Cross River College of Education on Saturday, dispossessing their victims of money and valuables. Three other suspected gang members were also arrested after a fierce gun duel that lasted into the night.


After the robbery operation, the gang converged on a drinking spot, not more than three kilometres from the scene of the robbery, to share their loot. …

“When the police came there was an exchange of gun fire and one of them was killed, one escaped while three were arrested,” the motorcyclist [who witnessed the shootout], identified as Dennis Egom, said.

The pastor, Egom said, was well known in the area and was thought to be a real man of God until the incident.

[Photo by J.H. McCrory via L.A. Times Archive]

3 thoughts on “Pastor Was Gang Leader; Dies in Cop Shootout

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  2. Mike Aug 25,2013 10:43 pm

    Waiting for the first person to say “He wasnt a real chrisian”.

    Either way, real or not, at least he died as a holey man.

  3. Aaron Aug 25,2013 10:50 pm

    So he died doing what he loved. Leading his flock and taking people’s money. Just like all other clergymen.

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