Orlando Megachurch Pastors Love the Ladies

According to Miami’s Riptide blog,

There’s a hot new church trend sweeping Orlando’s thriving megachurch scene: pastors sleeping with ladies who aren’t their wives. For the third time in the last six months, a leader of a popular church in Orlando has resigned after admitting to damaging the sanctity of his marriage.

Riptide refers to pastor David Loveless, whose adulterous affair we pinged on Moral Compass two days ago. But wait, there’s more:

Isaac Hunter, leader of the 5,000-member Summit Church, resigned in December amidst a rash of drama in which he admitted to having an affair with a staff member. A month earlier, his wife Rhonda filed a domestic violence injunction claiming that not only was Hunter abusive but also had a drinking and drug problem and was suicidal.

Sam Hinn, an author and pastor in nearby Stanford, Florida, stepped down in January after admitting to an affair with a member of his congregation.

Here’s a song to get the holy horndogs and their girlfriends in the mood.