Oz Sikhs Declared Exempt From Helmet Law

Some are more equal than others:

Members of the Sikh community will be exempt from wearing a bicycle helmet in Queensland [Australia] under new laws to accommodate religious beliefs.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson announced the change to the state’s bike helmet laws allowing religious exemptions on Tuesday morning.

Mr Emerson said it was a “common sense approach” to the issue.


The law change comes after practising Sikh Jasdeep Atwal successfully fought the $100 fine he received last year for riding a bike without a helmet [photo].

He took the case to court, arguing that as a Sikh he was required to wear a turban that could not fit inside a helmet.

Selflessly acting as Mr. Atwal’s freelance personal shopper, I’ve endeavored to help him with his quest for spiritually-approved head protection. While a turban will not fit inside a helmet, a helmet can most assuredly fit inside a turban. Just Think Big, my friend.


By the way, last month, a Canadian court decided that Sikhs may carry ceremonial swords in the courtroom for religious reasons.

[Jasdeep Atwal image via Just Commodores]