“But, But… We’re Christians!” 1


Saskatchewan farmer Jim Taylor says he knew his marriage was in trouble, but he didn’t at first believe Mounties when they told him that his wife was planning to kill him.


He was even more stunned when officers alleged that a man she was having an affair with was in on the scheme — and that the pair were also plotting to kill that man’s wife.

“They had to tell me about three times,” Taylor, 51, said Wednesday from his farm west of Melfort. “We’re a good Christian community so it’s really shocking to hear all this stuff.

A lawyer for the wife points out that she has no criminal record and — wait for it —

…described his client as a well-respected woman who goes to church.

That settles it then, right?

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  1. Dean Aug 2,2013 3:09 am

    Even Buddhists can get violent these days, except Christians always had a mean dark streak.

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