Christian Trisha Paytas Contemplates Whether Dogs Are Mammals … and Have Brains 6

I’m reckoning with the possibility that this video is a giant windup. Then again, how would we know? It’s not like U.S. Christians are known for their firm grasp of basic biology.

It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite part, but I think it’s where she theorizes that she’s afraid of dogs because her “Christian intuition” is telling her that canines aren’t really God’s creatures.

My 11-year-old daughter responded to that without missing a beat: “Someone should tell her that dog is god spelled backwards.”

Anyway, watch and weep:

6 thoughts on “Christian Trisha Paytas Contemplates Whether Dogs Are Mammals … and Have Brains

  1. liz Oct 10,2013 11:12 pm

    I don’t even know what to say. I didn’t realise people like this actually existed. Well, can they prove, scientifically of course, that she/it has a brain? I mean, it talks, but does that mean it’s human? Hmmm, my phone talks, I guess that means it has a brain. Everything I’ve known about humanity has been false.

  2. Dana Oct 18,2013 12:22 am

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I was only able to suffer through about 40 seconds of that screeching tart’s nonsense. What a waste of space, seriously.

  3. Devon Oct 27,2013 3:56 pm

    Ninety-nine percent of dogs I have met are more intelligent than this woman. I think that immediately disproves her point.

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  6. Chelsea Nov 27,2013 5:05 am

    Fake. Its an act. Shes trying to get attention and piss people off. No one could possibly be that stupid.

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