Meth and Bible Madness Lead to Fatal Exorcism; Killer Sentenced to Six Years in Prison 4

A Bible-besotted meth-head, Karla Kuhl, 36, was sentenced to just six year in prison for murdering a 68-year-old acquaintance, Patricia Medeiros, in what Kuhl claims was an exorcism brought on by religious mania.

A short time after her arrival, Kuhl got into an argument with Medeiros, then went into a bedroom to smoke meth with her boyfriend. …

Later, the defendant and victim argued again, but witnesses at the home said they heard Patricia’s voice become muffled toward the end of the squabble.


Kuhl’s boyfriend and Medeiros’s nephew, who also lived at the house, called police after finding the victim’s lifeless body on the living room couch covered by a blanket, a kitchen chair, a statue of the Virgin Mary and a bible.

Meanwhile, Kuhl fled, driving to a nearby church where she disrobed and doused herself in holy water, the prosecutor said.

Police located her later that day at her El Sobrante apartment where she gave an hours-long, drug-fueled confession in which she claimed she had performed an exorcism on Medeiros to rid her of “evil spirits,” O’Connell said. …

An autopsy found that the victim died of blunt force trauma and asphyxiation.

Meth and ________ (fill in the blank) don’t go well together, but combine meth with the drug that is religion and some bad shit’s gonna go down.

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  1. Arun Jun 6,2014 2:33 pm

    Hi! Just a suggestion: Maybe you could put up some references to this story as well.
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  2. Terry Firma Jun 6,2014 4:38 pm

    Yeah, I neglected to include a link. Is that what you mean? The story was sourced from NBC Los Angeles, see Thanks!

    • Arun Jun 6,2014 9:12 pm

      Yeah, That’s what I meant. It kinda helps keep things credible especially for people like me who are reading from the other end of the world.

      Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Terry Firma Jun 6,2014 9:27 pm

    Sure thing. It was a rare oversight. You won’t find any stories on here without links to back up the facts — except when I foolishly forget to include them!

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