Drunk-Driving Bishop Kills Pedestrian 1

A Wisconsin bishop drives drunk in the middle of the day, plows down a pedestrian, kills her.

A local bishop faces a tentative charge of homicide by intoxicated driving after a crash Sunday that killed a 52-year-old woman, according to Sun Prairie police and a local pastor.


Bruce H. Burnside, 59, of Madison, was arrested after he allegedly hit a female pedestrian at the northbound off-ramp of Highway 151 at Windsor Street in Sun Prairie. …

Rev. David Berggren of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie confirmed Sunday evening that Burnside is bishop for the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Burnside, a former pastor at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona, was elected bishop in 2007. He is up for re-election in May, Berggren added.

Oh no, you don’t think the killing of a pedestrian will hurt Burnside’s re-election chances, do you?

Probably not.


P.S. This report says Bishop Burnside tried to flee the scene after the accident, which would make his crime a hit-‘n’-run.

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