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3 thoughts on “House Rules / Comment Policy

  1. michael joseph Feb 21,2015 6:38 pm

    Is this the right place for asking questions ? I am a 54 year old Christian man who has had a few debates with atheists in the past 3 years. I don’t know a great deal but I’m getting better. One question I feel no atheist can really explain or answer is: Creation or evolution – In the beginning (if you believe there was a beginning)how can life come from non-life ? and I disagree with your page about 6 1/2 reasons the Bible is not divinely inspired. And you said you gave up Christianity because of being taught in a church or was it churches? self-hatred. I have never heard of this before, except from you. I am a humble Christian, thank you for reading. Hope to here from you

  2. Laurance Mar 9,2015 3:41 pm

    Asking “Creation or evolution” seems to me to be conflating two different things. I’ve noticed that many Christians don’t realize there’s a difference.

    Evolution is about change over time. It’s not about how life began.

    Scientists are indeed asking about life. What is it anyway? Self-replication is a significant part of life, and if I’m not mistaken, we’re getting closer to seeing how self-replicating molecules develop.

  3. Reginald Wayne Miller Dec 14,2015 9:10 pm

    You made a report on Cathedral Bible College and Reginald Wayne Miller. In August of 2014 a representative of Homeland Security apologized for the raid and the charges of forced labor and abuse and these charges were dismissed. In return Mr. Miller plead guilty two 2 charges of checking English on an I-20 visa when in fact the papers provided by the student were false as to their knowledge of English but he took the responsibility of them coming without a college level English knowledge, 2 charges of students who worked 26 hours instead of 20 and agreed to pay any back minimum wages the gov’t declared he owed. The gov’t made no declaration but the college agreed to pay $75,000. IN return to his plea the gov’t insisted he be sentenced as a first time misdemeanor. He was given one year of probation with monitoring and some community service. PLEASE remove your article of false charges. Also, he has no record of any prior criminal charges because they were DISMISSED and he attended a program in order to have it expunged. IT WAS DISMISSED, he never plead guilty. Please correct or remove your article.

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