Sikh’s Bald Move Gets Hair-Trigger Response

If you want to make money, don’t sell sand in the Sahara, and don’t become a barber in Sikh territory; the Sikh god says never to shave your hair.

So now, the world’s actual problems be damned,

Malaysian Sikhs are angry with a local Sikh politician who has shaved his head bald at a Chinese temple in the Northern Peninsular city to protest against money politics in the General Election being held today. Jagdeep Singh Deo, a candidate for the Datuk Keramat state seat in northern peninsular Malaysia, joined other Chinese candidates campaigning in the General Election to protest by having their heads shaved bald.


Why, sir, that’s an insult!

The Gurdwara Sahib Kangar president Pritpal Singh has described Jagdeep’s act as an insult to Sikh religion, the basic tenet of which is never to shave their hair.

He’s right. Has Mr. Jagdeep no sense of duty?

Pritpal said Jagdeep had forgotten the fundamentals of his own religion. … “Cutting your hair or going bald without any medical reason is unacceptable. It is worse coming from a public figure like him,” the New Straits Times quoted Pritpal as saying. “There are many other ways of showing one’s displeasure. As a Sikh, it is his communal duty to bear in mind the sensitivity of all Sikhs and their religion,” Pritpal said.

[image via Sojourn Church]