I See Dead People. Oh, Also Profits. 4

She’s not alive, honey,” psychic Sylvia Browne told Louwanna Miller on a national TV show in 2004, referring to Miller’s missing daughter Amanda Berry. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

On the set, Miller broke down in tears. She died in 2005 0r 2006 (accounts differ), from heart failure.

Two days ago, Berry emerged alive from a home in Cleveland where she says she had been kept prisoner for the past ten years.

Browne has done this before.

In 2003, Browne incorrectly told the parents of missing teen Shawn Hornbeck that their son was dead, and his body could be found somewhere near “two jagged boulders,” according to her premonition.

Nearly four years later, Hornbeck was found alive, and Browne was widely criticized in the media for causing the Hornbecks additional grief.

Hat tip: John Henry.