U.K. Tongue-Biting: Media Won’t Talk About Muslim Sex Gangs; Calling Them ‘Asians’ Will Do. 1

The linguistic bobbing and weaving is becoming epic.

On Tuesday, at the Old Bailey in London,

Seven men of Asian or North African origin were found guilty of grooming six vulnerable white girls before putting them through a “living hell” during which they were forced to commit acts of “extreme depravity”.

Three guesses as to what “Asian or North African” means. But first, a little background on the activities of the seven perps:

In a case that bears harrowing similarities to the Rochdale grooming scandal, carefully chosen victims were showered with gifts and plied with alcohol and drugs before being subjected to years of terrifying abuse. The gang recruited its victims from the Oxford area between May 2004 and January last year, deliberately targeting vulnerable girls.

Some were spotted drinking or playing truant along the city’s Cowley Road, while others were chosen as they were living in care homes.


Once under their control the abusers forced the girls to have sex using threats of extreme violence. Some were gang-raped, while others were prostituted to men who would travel from all parts of the country to have sex with them.

If the girls did not comply, they were beaten and burned with cigarettes. One girl was even branded with her abusers’ initials.

When another victim became pregnant aged 12, she was forced to undergo a dangerous backstreet abortion. Another was abused with sex toys to “prepare” her for one of the gang rapes.

Time and again we are told that these crimes, of which there have been many, all strikingly similar in perpetrator and victim profiles, are the work of “Asians.” Like so, courtesy of the Telegraph newspaper:

The case is the latest high-profile trial involving Asian gangs convicted of targeting and abusing vulnerable white girls. Last May eight men of Pakistani origin and one Afghan were convicted of trafficking and raping girls in the Rochdale area.

Last week a gang of Asian men who groomed vulnerable white girls in Shropshire between 2006 and 2009 were jailed for more than 50 years.

The dodge is as disingenuous as it is pervasive.

Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said: “The majority of Asians from all backgrounds abhor these crimes these criminals have brought shame on themselves and their families and the wider Asian communities.”

Do you think that when there is happy news to share from within Britain’s Muslim population (let’s say, a Muslim author being awarded the Booker Prize, or a Muslim sports team scoring gold at an international event), Mr. Shafiq — or Britain’s mainstream press — will refer to the winners as Asians?

Were these gangsters and serial rapists Japanese, perchance? Chinese? Russian? Did they hail from Vietnam? Nepal? The Philippines?

You don’t have to be an Islamophobe to resent the whitewash, and Taj Hargey isn’t. On the contrary: Hargey [photo, below] is a progressive Islamic scholar and imam who doesn’t mind pointing the finger at his co-religionists. And here, does he ever:

What depresses me about [the Oxford] case is the widespread refusal to face up to its hard realities.

The fact is that the vicious activities of the Oxford ring are bound up with religion and race: religion, because all the perpetrators, though they had different nationalities, were Muslim; and race, because they deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases.


Indeed, one of the victims who bravely gave evidence in court told a newspaper afterwards that ‘the men exclusively wanted white girls to abuse’. But as so often in fearful, politically correct modern Britain, there is a craven unwillingness to face up to this reality.

Commentators and politicians tip-toe around it, hiding behind weasel words. We are told that child sex abuse happens ‘in all communities’, that white men are really far more likely to be abusers, as has been shown by the fall-out from the Jimmy Savile case.

One particularly misguided commentary argued that the predators’ religion was an irrelevance, for what really mattered was that most of them worked in the night-time economy as taxi drivers, just as in the Rochdale child sex scandal many of the abusers worked in kebab houses, so they had far more opportunities to target vulnerable girls.

But all this is deluded nonsense. While it is, of course, true that abuse happens in all communities, no amount of obfuscation can hide the pattern that has been exposed in a series of recent chilling scandals, from Rochdale to Oxford, and Telford to Derby.

In all these incidents, the abusers were Muslim men, and their targets were under-age white girls.

Moreover, reputable studies show that around 26 per cent of those involved in grooming and exploitation rings are Muslims, which is around five times higher than the proportion of Muslims in the adult male population.

[Taj Hargey photo via Progressive Scottish Muslims]

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