U.K. Rabbi Breaches Bail, Flees to Israel on a False Passport After Charges of Child Rape

Just one in an endless parade of holy-man childfuckers.

A British Jewish man, who has applied for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, had his application rejected after the Israeli government deemed his presence in the country a danger to the public, according to court proceedings in Israel.

Rabbi Todros Grynhaus fled to Israel with a false passport shortly after pleading not guilty in a British court to seven counts of sexual assault involving three children.

Greater Manchester Police, who had been looking for the 48-year-old in the U.K. and abroad since he disappeared two weeks ago, confirmed that the man they believe is Grynhaus had been arrested in Jerusalem, Israel, where he lived under a false identity.

British law enforcement now awaits his extradition.

[image via Your Jewish News]