Bearded Woman Attacked For Crucifying Jesus

This happened in Brighton, England, last Sunday. From the Argus newspaper:

A beard-wearing woman was attacked as she crucified Jesus. The crime of Passion took place as the woman played a priest [named Caiaphas] during the open-air retelling of the Easter story.

Brighton actress attacked during _crucifixion_ of Jesus (From The Argus)

Jeanie Civil’s attacker ripped her beard from her face and punched her during a performance of The Passion of Christ in Brighton on Easter Sunday. He yelled “Shame on you!” before Mrs Civil’s fellow cast members, dressed as soldiers, held him back.

The victim said she wondered if the man was an ardent Christian who disliked her character’s actions against the savior. “He might be an ardent Christian, or anti-Jewish,” she offered. 

In the New Testament, Caiaphas is the Jewish high priest, appointed by Romans, who is thought to have organized the plan to kill Jesus.

[tip of the thorny crown to Dangerous Minds; image via The Argus]