On a Wing and an Angry Prayer

Here’s one of the milder incidents involving devout Muslims and airplanes:

A Saudi domestic flight was delayed for nearly two hours after a passenger caused havoc over the presence of stewardesses who weren’t chaperoned by a male relative, a newspaper in the conservative Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday.


The stewardess aboard the flight from the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah to the eastern port of Dammam had just started to serve the Saudi passenger when he asked her whether she was accompanied by a male relative.

“He then asked her angrily: Why are you here without a related male companion…the passenger started shouting and demanded that the plane must not take off before all women without a male companion are taken out,” Okaz Daily said.

And by “taken out,” he didn’t mean “murdered” or “taken out and shot.”

I think.

[image via Arabian Business]