Jilting Jezebel

A wicked spirit is leading increasing numbers of pastors to their downfall. That spirit’s name is Jezebel. With her Satanic, slutty, womanly wiles, Jezebel pushes decent, almost defenseless men of God into immorality.

Jennifer LeClair is certain of it, she writes in Charisma News — and certain of the need to battle the threat:

Pastors and others will keeping falling into immorality and idolatry until the church understands the spirit that motivates these sins and refuses to tolerate it any longer. You can’t fight an enemy you can’t see. That’s what Jezebel is counting on.

If her prose in the article seems a little aimless and vague, that may be because LeClair would like you to buy her soon-to-be-released bookThe Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel.

The harpy-fighting manual comes too late for pastors who’ve recently already gone down (as it were) in disgrace — clergymen like David Loveless, Isaac Hunter, Sam Hinn, Jack Schaap, Eddie Long, and others. But it may do wonders for the next generation of holy horndogs, who just might learn to stave off sexual temptation.

We’re afraid that LeClair’s book will be a formidable blow to Moral Compass; most likely, we’ll soon have no more church sex-scandals to write about, and we’ll be reduced to blogging about puppies and kittens.

Any day now.


[image via fanpop]