Evangelist Keen To Raise Murdered Boys From the Dead, Offers His Services to Grieving Mother 3

The Dutch were gripped by a double-murder tragedy recently. Two brothers, just 7 and 9 year old, went missing for almost two weeks, a day or so before their father committed suicide. Their bodies were eventually found in a ditch, flushed from a large sewage pipe. Police say the father killed his sons. He and his ex-wife had had joint custody of the boys. The parents had been feuding for years.

Like virtually everyone else in the Netherlands, Dutch evangelist Ronald Plat (photo) was saddened by the news — but not too much. Ever the optimist, Platt believes he can work miracles through Jesus, and he’s graciously decided he’s going to try to bring the boys back to life.


Apparently, such a feat cannot be achieved long distance. Plat and his prayer team need access. Desperate to get in touch with the mother, he took to social media the other day to offer his resurrectional services. He could just picture “turning the whole country on its head” with all the “media attention” that would be sure to follow, he wrote with apparent enthusiasm.

Plat says he was disappointed the week before, after the parents of a Dutch suicide victim inexplicably turned down his proposal to bring their daughter back to life through the power of prayer.

He is currently angling for any bereaved family to let him come over and resurrect their loved one, pointing out that

“…death is an enemy of Daddy God.”

(Yes, he really uses that term — in Dutch: Pappa God — instead of ‘the Heavenly Father’ or what have you; it’s possibly the first time in history that the phrase is uttered by someone without the intention to pooh-pooh religion. Anyway:)

“God is ‘life and abundance,’ and wants to give all people that life. Should someone in your family have passed away and you want that person returned to you, and you don’t accept that their death is final, please get in touch.”

So far, no takers that we know of.

[Thanks to Bert van Manen for the tip.]

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  1. Steven Roach May 23,2013 4:38 pm

    a wolf in sheep’s clothing = a con man in religious robes

  2. Vinegar May 23,2013 4:46 pm

    Pretty sick if you ask me.

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