In the New Egypt Created By Islamists, Blasphemers Keep Ending Up in Jail 1

I’m glad that thug Mubarak’s gone.

Too bad there’s now another thug in charge in Egypt — and this one is of the ueber-pious variety that produces people who are especially unpredictable … and extra dangerous. To wit:

This month alone, a Christian teacher in Luxor was fined $14,000 for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in class, a writer was given five years in prison for promoting atheism, and a Christian lawyer was sentenced to one year for insulting Islam — in a private conversation.

Blasphemy cases were once rare in Egypt, and their frequency has increased sharply since the revolution. More than two dozen cases have gone to trial, and nearly all defendants have been found guilty. At least 13 have received prison sentences.

The campaign is driven at the local level, where religious activists have also forced officials to suspend teachers and professors. In at least 10 cases, Christian families have been expelled from their homes after perceived insults.

Here’s a video that shows a crowd of Mohammedans trying to attack the suspect in one recent blasphemy case as he was being led from the courtroom.

The kicker: the guy is most likely completely innocent. Someone created a Facebook page using his name, and sent inflammatory messages from it.

Not that, in this day and age, it ought to be possible to be “guilty” of blasphemy.

Watch the followers of Allah in the video. Keep telling yourself that Egypt is one of the more moderate Islamic countries.

For this level of anger and hatred to burn out, we’re likely looking at centuries, not decades. Sad.

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  1. Sebastian Jun 21,2013 5:22 pm

    Jesus Christ… or is that a poor choice of words here? I thought by 2013 the rest of the world wouldn’t be acting like the idiots who thought that God was mad if it rained or that the Egyptians who sacrificed people to God so the sun would come back after the Eclipse, this is just.. well you said it best, sad.

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