NY Road Rage Rabbi Keeps Impersonating a Cop 1

It’s hard for believers to distinguish fantasy from reality. So a rabbi who thinks he can impersonate God or a cop at will — it just makes sense, I guess. Probably a case of You will respect my authori-tah!

A third victim has come forward with a claim that a Westchester County rabbi impersonated a police officer during a traffic dispute.

The 26-year-old Scarsdale man told The Journal News that Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, the Rabbi of Congregation Sulam Yaakov in Larchmont,  pulled a badge on him and a friend after an incident on I-87 near the Bronx-Yonkers border.

The man claims that Borodowski pulled the badge and demanded that he pull over after he swerved into the Rabbi’s lane. …

He said that a passenger recorded the incident and turned the video over to authorities.


Borodowski has apparently been committing this felonious behavior for a while now.

Earlier this month a woman accused Borodowski of exploding in a road rage incident on Mamaroneck Avenue.

“The man was acting extremely aggressively and started shouting out his car window at her,” her attorney Richard Clifford said.

The woman said she was driving 20 mph — the posted speed limit in the school zone. The rabbi allegedly got mad at her slow speed and then is accused of flashing a fake police badge. … [Police] arrested the rabbi and charged him with criminal impersonation.

Earlier this week a second victim came forward with accusations that Borodowski was impersonating a police officer during a road rage incident.

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