Exorcist Buries Himself in Ritual, Accidentally Suffocates to Death 3

There’s no cure for this kind of crazy.

A Sri Lankan man died Thursday after a bizarre and botched ritual to drive out what he thought were evil spirits from a house outside the capital, police said. The man sacrificed a cat and was then buried in a shallow grave after instructing onlookers to dig him out once he gave a signal of pushing a sword he was carrying through the ground, police said. “Even after three hours, there was no sign of the sword coming up from the grave,” a local police official told AFP.

“That is when the onlookers decided to pull him out anyway, but he was unconscious,” the unnamed official said.

Spongebob buries Himself Alive

The 32-year-old man, identified by police as Maxi Castro, a local exorcist, was taken to hospital early Thursday morning but he had already died, the official said.

Pity. At least his survivors had a fresh grave all ready to go.

The man had been requested to drive out demons feared residing in the home of a school teacher at the village of Pelanwatte. “I saw him perform a ritual like this at a temple six months ago and invited him to check my property,” the teacher, Wasantha Bandara, told local radio station Shree FM. “He said I had bad luck because someone had sprinkled human ash at my house, but he could drive out evil spirits through this ritual.”

I do feel sorry for the cat.

Another fatal self-burial here: the victim-and-pepetrator thought it would bring “good luck.”

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  1. Chakolate Sep 26,2013 5:17 pm

    “…no cure…”? It sounds to me like he cured himself of his crazy very well indeed.

  2. Marco Nov 6,2013 4:51 pm

    I do feel sorry for the poor cat. But I guess he got his revenge eventually. I hope that if there is a everafter, the cat was there waiting for him and scratched his eyes out.

  3. fierylocks Feb 13,2014 12:23 am

    Oh darn…

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