Is This Cringe-Worthy Conversion Video Real? 2

Please, please, let it be a giant wind-up. If not, this makes me want to drink about a gallon of weed killer.

2 thoughts on “Is This Cringe-Worthy Conversion Video Real?

  1. Acleron Jun 22,2013 5:50 pm

    ‘One like regular friend and an Indian one’? What planet is she on?

    Definitely no wind up and very cringe worthy, but please imbibe a gallon of beer, not worth taking weedkiller over an idiot.

  2. Thin-ice Jul 9,2013 12:06 am

    I really thought I could finish watching the whole clip, but I vomited right at the beginning when the American girl asked the Indian girl: “Do you consider yourself African or Asian?” and “If you’re not African, then why is your skin so dark?”.

    Surely these girls were poes. Is such stupidity possible in real life? But then again, having stumbled upon Moral Compass for the first time, it’s what this website is all about. It will draw me back daily, like gawkers at a train wreck.

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