Terry’s Posts on the Friendly Atheist

In case you missed these, I thought I’d bring you up to snuff on the articles I’ve published at the Friendly Atheist over the past week.

• Anti-Gay Mormon Activists Confront Their Prejudice After Learning Their Own Son is Gay.

• Gimme That Old-Time Religion: A Growing Number of Greeks Bow To Zeus, Apollo, and Hera.


• City of Evansville Approves Downtown Public ‘Art Exhibit’ of 30 Decorated Crosses.

• Archbishop Says Tax Avoidance is Sinful. If Only Someone Would Remind the Churches.

• Insane in the Brain: A Rare Video of Mass Murderer Jim Jones Preaching.

• Court Strikes Down New Hampshire’s Tax-Money-For-Religious-Schools Law.

• Infectious Diseases Strike Communities Where Vaccinations Are ‘Anti-God’.

• Free Parking for the Religious in This British Town, but Atheists Are Out of Luck.

• Why We Must Reject Special Treatment for Religious Employees.