Muslims and Hindus Riot in India Over a Jokey Facebook Picture 1

As they’ve often done since at least the eighth century, Mo fans and Shiva supporters have been violently clashing in India:

The police have made hundreds of arrests in the past several days in an attempt to stop religious riots in the Indian city of Vadodara, in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat. So far, the violence has been confined to stabbings and the torching of around a dozen vehicles, D.J. Patel, a senior police official in Vadodara, said on Monday.

“We have deployed a large enough number of police to control any situation,” he said. He said none of the injuries were serious. The clashes began last week, after a Hindu man posted an image to his Facebook account showing the face of a Hindu goddess superimposed on a stone venerated by Muslims, Mr. Patel said.

Maybe there are two religions of peace? God help us.

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One comment on “Muslims and Hindus Riot in India Over a Jokey Facebook Picture

  1. StarWish624 Oct 3,2014 2:23 am

    How long is the world going to watch certain groups blow up at trivial matters, over react, threaten lives, kill people, burn buildings, riot, and generally act as barbaric as animals? WHO DOES THAT? If children behaved badly, they would be called to answer for it. Yet the world stands by and tolerates and accepts excuses from these adults who, for some reason or another (you name it), think that they have the right to go CRAZY whenever something “offends” them (their OWN definition of the term “offend”), and sicken decent people by their behavior. This has to STOP! What are we – STUPID, for putting up with this behavior?

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